Counselling Services

Depending on your request, question or problem, different contact persons are helpful. Here you will find the most important contact persons for all essential matters concerning studying in Trier.


Registering for the next semester, changing your field of study, leaving/withdrawing (Exmatriculate)


  • about changing your field of study or changing universities
  • about registration for the next semester
  • about taking a semester off
  • about leaving/withdrawing from the university

Please contact the Registrar's Office.

General questions about studying (e.g. orientation for new students, student organizations, problems with studying or examinations)

The counsellors at the Student Counselling Center are available to help both current and prospective students with questions regarding

  • choosing a programme of study
  • how to plan and structure your studies,
  • in the event of problems arising during studies,
  • changing your field of study
  • campus orientation  etc.

Would you like general information about the university and the programmes offered? Are you unsure about who the correct person to ask? Do you have questions or study-related problems and would like to talk to someone? Please feel free to contact us.  All conversations remain strictly confidential.

Other stressors (Overwhelmed, relationship issues, homesick, etc)

The Psychosocial Counselling Service through Studiwerk offers free counselling and all conversations remain confidential.

The Campus Ohr is available to all students, if they need someone to listen or talk to about things.  This service is offered by students in the psychology programme. 

Departmental Academic Advisors ( e.g. Semester plan, semester course timetable, about the course of study .)

Academic advising is carried out by lecturers within the respective subject. They are the right person to contact for questions regarding

  • semester planning
  • timetable planning/issues
  • exam topics
  • as well as all specific or detailed questions about a programme, etc.

Practicum, career orientation, self-employment

Are you financing your studies at least partially yourself through mini-jobs? Are you looking for an internship? Or maybe you have almost completed your degree and are wondering what comes after that? Career-Service, is a cooperation service between Trier University and the Trier Employment that can help you, providing tips and advice.

Students with unique situations (studying while pregnant or with kids, students with a disability or chronic illness…)

Some students are in a special study situation.

Then there are various offices that can help you with advice and practical support.

Financing your studies

Most students financially support their studies from several different sources. In addition to family support, these may include:

  • BAföG
  • Scholarships
  • Job
  • Loans

You can find more information on this topic under financing your studies.

Advisor for international Students and Refugees who want to study at Trier University

Aziz Yüksek,

International Office, Raum V28

Tel.: +49 651 201-3597