Partner Programmes / Exchange Programmes

Please find here information for the following programmes, if you are not yet enrolled at Trier University.


Partner Programmes

Double Degree

You may enrol at Trier University as an exchange or degree-seeking student (Double Degree Seeking), if you are completing a Master degree at your home university at the same time as completing a Master degree at Trier University.

Applicants are nominated by their home university and managed within a partner-framework agreement. Before applying contact the International Office (exchangestuduni-trierde), which offers information about the application process via the Admissions Office, room availability and participation in German language Course.

In order to receive admission as a Double Degree Seeking student, adhere to the common deadlines, by placing your application in the Online portal PORTA (first register, then place an application) 

All documents need to be uploaded to the online portal as .pdf (except the photo for your student ID card, which needs to be uploaded as .jpg):

Application documents if you are applying for the first study semester:



Admissions Officechecks the application and informs the applicant about the admission and enrolment. Admissions office passes the enrolment documents to the International Office where the newly enrolled Double Degree student can collect the documents including the student ID upon arrival in Trier.


All Double Degree Students should be enrolled by Mid September in order to secure participation in the German language Course.

Exchange Programmes (Incomings)

ERASMUS, ISEP, Partneruniversities

If you have been nominated within the framework of an agreement between Trier University and your home university, then you are considered an exchange student.

The International Office (exchangestuduni-trierde) is responsible for the application process and the support and assistance during the stay in Trier.

See the website Exchange Students.


You may enrol at Trier University as a short term student(FreeMover) for up to 2 semesters, if you are properly enroled at your home university. In order to receive admission as a FreeMover, apply within the normal deadlines, by registering in the Online portal PORTA and uploading all applicable documents (as .pdf - only the picture for the student ID needs to be uploaded as a .jpg).

Application documents:

  • copy of all pages of your school and/or University degrees, including transcript of records and the translation (by a sworn translator) into German or English
  • Proof of payment of the Evaluation fee, if the degrees are not from Germany or Luxembourg.
  • Enrolment certificate of your home university for the semester you are applying for
  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of payment of theEnrollment fee
  • Proof of German language proficiency - at least level B1: Excempted are applicants from the German speaking regions of Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland


TheAdmissions Officechecks the application and informs the applicant. Then the enrolment documents including the student ID card are sent via Post to the address the applicant had entered in the online portal PORTA.

Learning Agreement

In case you need a Learning Agreement for your stay, please contact the International Office: exchangestuduni-trierde

If you require consulation to an exchange program at Trier University, arrival, living and to-dos after arrival, pleaes contact the International Office.