Courses Offered

Study Programmes 

Trier University offers a variety of Bachelor as well as Master study programmes. Here you find a list of all study programmes and a link to your department.  


There are different types of courses in Germany. The most important ones are the lecture (by a professor), the seminar (lecturer and students work on a topic interactively) and the exercise (in-depth development of a topic by students).
Courses are weekly for 90 minutes each and encompass 2 weekly lecture hours (SWS).

Trier University Course Catalogue

The university course catalogue provides an overview on all courses that are offered in the different departments. First chose your faculty and then your department. When choosing the study programme, you may select different types of courses to get to a more specific class. More.

Application for courses
You must electronically register for the courses (LSF). During the introductory course you will get the ZIMK (Zentrum für Informations-, Medien- und Kommunikationstechnologie = Centre for information, media and communication technology) password that is necessary to register.

ECTS Credits and Transcript of Records

ECTS Credits

At Trier University you earn ECTS points for courses. The number of ECTS credits vary for the different courses and is dependent on the credits to be earned. Please ask the lecturer.

Transcript of Records

At the end of your stay at Trier University you will receive a Transcript of Records. The Erasmus Coordinator of your department (respectively the International Office in case of ISEP programmes and exchange programmes with North American partner universities) will confirm the courses you participated in, the examinations taken and the ECTS credits acquired.

Here you find a list of all ECTS-Coordinators.