After the Application


PORTA is the integrated campus management system of the University of Trier. You use PORTA to register for and deregister from courses. There you will find information about the courses, your achievements as well as documents relating to your studies, such as your certificate of enrollment ("Immatrikulationsbescheinigung"). You can find these on PORTA under: My Studies > Student Service > Requested Reports / Reports.

Click here for the guide to searching for courses on PORTA.

How and when do I register for courses?
You can register for courses via PORTA as soon as you have received your ZIMK access information after successfully enrolling at Trier University. Please also note the registration deadlines for courses or pay attention to the basic course data on PORTA. You will not be able to register outside the registration deadlines. Here you will find instructions on how to sign up for courses on PORTA. Once you are registered, your registration will be transferred to the "Stud.ip" system within one day.

Course Choice/ECTS

How many ECTS credits will I get for my class?
The number of ECTS credits varies from course to course and depends on the workload, level (BA/MA) and also the subject. ECTS credits are not listed in the course catalogue (Porta). Here you can find information on ECTS credits (click on "Information" links for each subject!) and on the ECTS Coordinators for your subject in Trier. For more detailed information on courses, ECTS credits (if not listed on the departments´ websites) or other subject-related questions, please contact your ECTS Coordinators

Learning Agreement

You can find the current information about the preparation of the Learning Agreement during your Erasmus stay here:

Instructions Learning Agreement (German and English version)

Presentation guide Learning Agreement (English version)

Learning Agreement Presentation with Comments

Presentations and Information of the Subjects/Departments

Law Department: Course list summer semester 2024