President Prof. Dr. Eva Martha Eckkrammer

Since September 1st, 2023 teacher of romance languages Prof. Dr. Eva Martha Eckkrammer is the president of Trier University. Alongside her, two vice presidents and the chancellor form the University Management

Projects and objectives

Trier University is a research-strong university with a distinctive profile. Its range of subjects can contribute to solving current social problems. I want to build on the University’s strengths while sharpening its profile to become an even more international university in the heart of Europe. This allows us to create spaces for the future - sustainably and fair. The following four topics are close to my heart:

  • Outstanding research and attractive teaching are at the core of a modern university: with successful projects, distinct interdisciplinarity and strong internationalization.
  • Sustainability, equal opportunities, and the promotion of young talent are central topics for shaping our future. These will essentially determine the strategic orientation of the university.
  • Digitization, enabling and team spirit: Digital methods and processes are fundamental to a sustainable university. So are transparency, participation and a genuine cooperation between science and administration.
  • Visibility in the city and region: Trier University must not be an ivory tower. It must be open to society and play an active role in Trier, the region, and the greater region: Visible, open, cooperative, and committed to the common good.


since September 2023
President of Trier University

since 2022
Vice president of Université franco-allemande (UFA) / Deutsch-Französische Hochschule (DFH)

University of Mannheim

  • Chair of Romance Linguistics and Media
  • Vice President for Infrastructure, Equal Opportunity, and Early-Stage Researchers (2012-2015)
  • Vice President for Research (2010-2012)


Video interview with our president (in German)

During a walk across campus, Eva Martha Eckkrammer tells us what she appreciates about Trier University, why she became a scientist and what makes this university special.