Arrival and use of local public transport

How to reach Trier from abroad

There are different options to get to Trier: by train, bus, plane or car.

Arrival by Train

We are happy if you travel as environmentally friendly as possible! If you are traveling by train from a European country, you can usually find the train connections on the homepage of Deutsche Bahn ( or on the website of the railroad company of your country of origin. If you are traveling via Luxembourg: Public transport is FREE throughout Luxembourg!


Arrival by Coach/Long-distance bus



Arrival by Plane

The airports Frankfurt/Main, Frankfurt/Hahn, Köln/Bonn, Luxemburg and Saarbrücken are all in the vicinity of Trier. We recommend the airports Frankfurt/Main and Luxembourg if you arrive from North or South America, Asia, Oceania or Africa. If you arrive from Europe, we additionally recommend the airports Saarbrücken, Frankfurt/Hahn und Köln/Bonn. The latter two ones are also frequented by low budget airlines.


Arrival via Airport Frankfurt/Main

From the airport Frankfurt/Main you can get to Trier (Hauptbahnhof) by train. Further information is available on the Deutsche Bahn homepage:

You can also take the bus from the airport Frankfurt/Main to Trier (Hauptbahnhof). Further information is available on the homepage of the bus company flixbus:


Arriving via Airport Frankfurt/Hahn

There is a direct bus connection from Airport Frankfurt/Hahn to Trier (Hauptbahnhof). More information is available on


Arrival via Airport Köln/Bonn

From the airport Köln/Bonn you can take the train to Trier (Hauptbahnhof). Further information is available on the homepage of the Deutsche Bahn:


Arrival via Airport Luxembourg

The Bus 302 of Voyages Emile Weber serves Monday to Friday several times each day the route between Luxembourg and Trier serving Airport Findel/Luxembourg as well.

Alternatively, you can take the regular city bus from Airport Luxembourg to the train station Luxembourg and from there the train to Trier (Hauptbahnhof). More information is available on the Deutsche Bahn homepage:

Please note that public transport in Luxembourg is FREE throughout the whole country of Luxembourg!


Arrival by Car

Due to the short distance, it can be interesting to arrive by car if you are coming from Belgium, France, the Netherlands or Luxembourg. Here are some maps.

From the Train Station to the University

Reception by Tutors

After your arrival at Trier train station you will meet our tutors (until 16:00 h) at bus platform 1 (see picture above and per Google Maps:

They show you which bus (No. 3 or No. 83) you have to take to get to the university. The bus takes approx. 10 minutes to the university.

Please LEAVE the bus at the station "Universität" (one station after "Kohlenstraße").

From the bus stop "Universität" to the IFK Course Office

After leaving the bus please go along the car parking area towards the main building. BEFORE entering the main building, turn left (eastern direction), and you will see the RED coloured P building with our Course Office (room P12 - see Google Maps 

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Your VRT Ticket 

There will be a VRT ticket for all IFK participants. With this ticket you can use all public transport (buses and trains) in the city of Trier and in the whole VRT area.

Here you find the overview of the VRT area of validity.

Please bring a cover for the ticket with you (see photo).