EurIdentity Certificate

You would like to learn more about Europe and strengthen your intercultural competences? The following page offers you information about the additional qualification EurIdentity.

What is the EurIdentity certificate?

At the beginning of the semester in October 2023, the EurIdentity Certificate will start at the University of Trier. As a joint project of the University of the Greater Region (UniGR) and its seven partner universities (RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau, University of Liège, Université de Lorraine, University of Luxembourg, Saarland University, University of Trier, htw saar), a certificate in English was created that is open to all students of the Greater Region.

The additional qualification EurIdentity Certificate enables all students of UniGR partner universities, regardless of their field of study and qualification level, to deepen their knowledge about Europe and their intercultural competences. The EurIdentity Certificate consists of two modules: Basic Module and Advanced Level.

The "EurIdentity Basic Module: Foundations of Europe" (5 ECTS*) is available as an online course independent of the timetable. With 12 different sections, it offers a broad overview of the institutions and core policy areas of the European Union, the history, literature and art of Europe, European identity and European law, through to EU external relations and issues of climate change. Each of the twelve topics is presented in English by different instructors from UniGR's seven partner universities on videos that can be accessed at any time.

Registration information

All interested students at the University of Trier can take the EurIdentity Certificate. Many students have the possibility to choose the Basic Module (as part of their subject studies or via the Free Elective in PORTA (13502321 EurIdentity Basic Level: Foundations of Europe).

All others who do not have this option but would like to obtain the certificate as an additional qualification should contact Prof. Schild (schilduni-trierde) by e-mail to register.

ERASMUS students can also take the module, you should also contact Prof. Schild. For basic information about the EurIdentity Certificate please contact the UniGR officer, Dr. Sandra Kraft (unigruni-trierde).

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