Integrating in the community

The intercultural programmes at Trier University encompass a variety of projects dedicated to integrate international students and scholars in the community.

International Office

The International Office conntects international and German PhD students by organising 

Graduate Centre (GUT)

The Graduate Centre (GUT) creates, supports and coordinates interdisciplinary networking opportunities for academics at the University of of Trier.

International Centre (iZ)

The International Centre is an association managed by student volunteers that offers various networking opportunities for international Bachelor, Master and PhD students.

  • Culture-Buddys
  • Foreigners becomes friends 
  • Café International
  • Excursionen

Plenary Assembly of Doctoral Students

The Plenary Assembly of Doctoral Students represents the interests and needs of PhD students at Trier University. It provides information on relevant institutions and current developments in higher education policies and offers the chance to connect with acadamic representatives (including doctoral student representatives) of each faculty.

Equal Opportunity Office

The Equal Opportunity Office organises a mentoring programme for female academics at Trier University. The programme includes

  • networking between mentees 
  • 1-to-1 mentoring
  • brown bag lunch
  • workshops

The programme "Perspektiven und Praxis" offers various trainings and workshops for female academics. 


Trier University offers a wide selection of fitness programmes for students and employees.

Collegium Musicum

All students and employees of Trier University are invited to sing, play music and connect in the choir and orchestra of the Collegium Musicium.

Clubs and societies

Doctoral students can meet peers and get involved in (international) student clubs.

Trier has several international societies for intercultural exchange.

Freetime activities