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Trier University’s Career Service sees itself as an interface between students, subjects & departments as well as companies and organisations. Our goal is to create a good network between the various actors involved in career orientation and career entry, both inside and outside the university. We would be happy to work with your company or institution providing opportunities for our students in the areas of internships, thesis work, working students and voluntary work/volunteer service, as well as job offers for our graduates and alumni furthering their careers.


Together with the company JobTeaser, the University's Career Service offers the career portal Universität Trier | Career Centre, where students can find job offers, recruiting events and career-preparatory workshops and lectures as well as information about their professional direction and beginning their career. Companies and organisations can register free of charge to introduce themselves and their offers (jobs, events, workshops, etc.) to our students and recruit future employees.


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Become our corporate partner and reach out to our students free of charge with your company profile, your recruiting events and news, and your offers such as internships, working student positions, final theses, jobs or permanent positions. Interested? Click here to register:

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Frequently asked questions

Is the use of the career portal free of charge?

There are no costs to create a company profile and publish job offers and recruiting events in the Career Portal of the Trier University Career Centre.

How can I create a company profile?

The most important steps, with tips and video tutorials, can be found here:

Information on creating a company profile

My company is already active on Job Teaser, what do I have to consider?

You are using a paid version from JobTeaser SA:

Your job offers, recruiting events and company profile will also be published on the Trier University Career Centre portal via the JobTeaser network, so there is no need for you to take any additional steps. Contact your company's JobTeaser administrator if you have any questions.


You already have access data for a Career Centre by JobTeaser for another university:

Please create a separate company profile for the Trier University Career Centre portal. Your access data is specific to the selected university and can therefore only be used for this institution. If you log in with access data from another university, you will receive an error message.

We are a public institution, club, association or similar - can we still use the career portal?

Of course. For reasons of simplification, the term "company" is used synonymously for all employers in the career portal. You are also welcome to use the career portal as a public institution, club, association or similar.

How can I publish a job offer?

In order to publish a job offer in the Trier University Career Centre portal, you need a free company profile. Click here to register:

JobTeaser registration

How long does it take for Career Service to approve my publication?

We usually check incoming job offers, recruiting events and company profiles twice a week. Depending on the time at which you create a new job offer, approval may take up to three working days.

How long will my job offer be published?

When creating a new job offer, the pre-selected publication period is 30 days by default, but you can adjust the duration as you wish directly when creating the advertisement under the item "Date of archiving". We recommend setting a duration of up to 3 months for job offers and updating permanent offers every 3 months, as older job offers are always displayed further down the offer table to users in the dashboard due to new offers.

Who can use the Trier University career portal?

The career portal is primarily aimed at all students, graduates and alumni of Trier University, but is also open to all other interested parties - we do not restrict access.

Can I also send my job offer by e-mail to Career Service for publication?

Please refrain from sending job offers by e-mail. We cannot publish them. You can post your job offers on the career portal yourself with a free company account. Click here to register:

JobTeaser registration

There is no suitable occupational field for my job offer in the list, how should I proceed?

The list of career fields currently includes over 40 entries and should not be too narrow for the sake of clarity for students. It is therefore best to select the most similar occupational field from the list if your occupational field is not represented on the career portal.

What do the keywords in job offers mean?

Keywords are an additional filter option for students to find suitable job offers. They are managed by Trier University’s Career Service and added when the job offer is approved.

Since Trier University also has international students, we would like to make it easier for them to filter the job offers. You can therefore add the keyword "No German required" to your job offer yourself when you create it. It is intended to encourage students with little or no knowledge of German to apply for the job offered.

How can I publish a recruiting event?

Recruiting events can only be published with a company profile. You can then create your recruiting event under the menu item "Events". Please note our quality criteria for publications in the career portal.

Can I also publish only a recruiting event in the career portal?

If you only want to publish a recruiting event in the career portal, please first create a company profile for the organising company/organisation. You only need to enter the mandatory information (name of the company/organisation, sector, brief description, type of company and logo); you do not need a complete company profile to publish a recruiting event (this will also not be visible to students). You can then create your recruiting event under the menu item "Events". Please note our quality criteria for publications in the career portal.


Important: After creating your first event, please send us an email to career-serviceuni-trierde so that we can activate it. This step is no longer necessary for further events.