Notes on the application process

The European Commission provides a precise format for the preparation of project applications in HORIZON EUROPE. Applicants should adhere strictly to these guidelines. In principle, applications can only be submitted as part of an open call for proposals.

Project proposals (i.e. applications for research and innovation funding) can only be submitted as part of an open call. The electronic participant portal (Funding & tender opportunities Portal) provides an overview of all calls.  All aspects of application preparation, contract conclusion and project implementation in HORIZON EUROPE are handled via the participant portal. Key information for the application, such as relevant documents or access to the national advice centers, is made available on the Participant Portal.

From the time of publication, the call for proposals is generally open for at least three months until the submission deadline. Ideally, the preparation of an application in the framework program should begin before the call for proposals is published, e.g. on the basis of the biennial work programs or the drafts of the work programs sometimes published in advance by the European Commission.

The future coordinator is responsible for preparing and submitting the application in a collaborative project. However, the preparation of the application is usually a service of the entire consortium, which already works together in smaller groups at this stage - where appropriate - to develop individual parts of the application or to put together an editorial team for the entire application. The coordination of this process is an initial task (and test) for the cooperation partners. If cooperation with a partner institution proves to be difficult at this stage (e.g. because contributions to the joint application are not provided or are incomplete), the involvement of this partner in the final project should be critically discussed again in the consortium if necessary.

Applications in HORIZON EUROPE are submitted exclusively electronically via the Funding & tender opportunities portal. Access to the submission system is also provided via the respective call page work programs by the European Commission.