Mensa and Cafeterias

Studiwerk Trier operates the following canteens and cafeterias at the university:

Campus I

  • Mensa Tarforst
  • Cafeteria forU
  • Bistro A/B
  • Gutes Brot: Klappschmier

Campus II

  • Mensa Petrisberg
  • Bistro Petrisberg

Cash payments are not accepted in the canteens and cafeterias: payment can only be made with a student or employee ID, guest card or national EC card. Guest cards can be purchased at the TUKAN machines on campus and then, with the receipt, picked up at the Studiwerk office.

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More than just a cafeteria

During theme weeks, the Mensa regularly takes its guests on a flavorful journey. Some events that have become a tradition include the Valentine's dinner or the summer cafeteria, which attracts guests with special dishes and a deckchair atmosphere. You can also create your own personalised burger at the Bergenerator. Studiwerk offers a wide range of fair trade products in the Mensa and cafeterias, such as Caffè Correct. People can take part in cooking and baking classes, where anyone and everyone can benefit from the knowledge of the Mensa cooks.

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