For "Incomings"

Welcome to UniGR! On the following page you will find some helpful information about the organizational procedures at the University of Trier, so that your UniGR studies run as smoothly as possible.

Enrolment with UniGR student status via PORTA

Please register on PORTA on the admissions portal:
You will need the following documents during the application or enrolment process:
- Current certificate of registration from your home university
- Copy of your identity card
- Certificate of health insurance cover
- Passport photo 
- Proof of payment of the fees for the student ID card (TUNIKA): 22 EUR
After entering your registration, you will receive a confirmation link to confirm your e-mail address and activate your account. Now you can log in to PORTA with your user name from the e-mail and the password you have set and start the application process. After entering your personal data, you will be asked for your degree and subject. Please always enter: "No degree"/"Kein Abschluss" (Abschluss/degree) and UniGR (Subject/Fach) (Please note: this also applies to Theatre Studies) so that it looks like this:


After applying, you can start the online enrolment process. You will then be guided through the system until you are asked to upload the above-mentioned documents. If you do not yet have all the documents ready, you can save the application process at any time and continue later. As soon as you have all the documents - including the insurance certificate (students without German insurance always enter "exempt"/"befreit" and upload the insurance certificate from their insurance company later on) and confirmation of fee payment - you can complete the enrolment process.

You will then receive a notification. You will receive your documents (login and TUNIKA) by post. (In exceptional cases, the documents must be collected from the Student Information Centre. If this is the case, you will be notified). Therefore, please provide a home address!



For those who were already enrolled as UniGR students at Trier University during the previous semester, the following applies: Please send the current certificate of enrolment from your home university as a pdf document with the subject line "UniGR Rückmeldung" to the Registrar's Office (, please cc to


The PORTA portal and the registration for courses

Courses are registered online via the PORTA portal ( After your successful enrollment at the University of Trier, you will receive a so-called ZIMK identifier. With this ID, you log in to PORTA and then select the courses you would like to take either via "Search for courses" or via the course catalog

Please note: If you would like to have courses from partner universities recognised at your home university, you must sign a Learning Agreement in advance. This is the only way to be entitled to recognition.

Exams and exam registration

As a rule, an exam can consist of a written exam, a term paper, an oral exam or something similar, or a combination of these. A separate registration is mandatory and does not occur automatically when registering for the course!

Students of the UniGR network have to register directly with the lecturer of the course or via PORTA. We recommend clarifying the exam and registration details (registration deadline, time, form, scope and duration of the examination, further formalities...) in advance and personally with the lecturer of the respective course in order to avoid misunderstandings!