For "Incomings"

Welcome to UniGR! On the following page you will find some helpful information about the organizational procedures at the University of Trier, so that your UniGR studies run as smoothly as possible.

Attention: The enrollment as a UniGR student at the University of Trier is currently being revised. Starting with the summer semester 2024, enrollment will only be done via PORTA. Further information will follow!

The PORTA portal and the registration for courses

Courses are registered online via the PORTA portal ( After your successful enrollment at the University of Trier, you will receive a so-called ZIMK identifier. With this ID, you log in to PORTA and then select the courses you would like to take either via "Search for courses" or via the course catalog. Please note that some courses have restricted registration periods within which you must register. Another important function of PORTA is the study administration: You can register for courses and create timetables.

Exams and exam registration

As a rule, an exam can consist of a written exam, a term paper, an oral exam or something similar, or a combination of these. A separate registration is mandatory and does not occur automatically when registering for the course!

Students of the UniGR network have to register directly with the lecturer of the course or via PORTA. We recommend clarifying the exam and registration details (registration deadline, time, form, scope and duration of the examination, further formalities...) in advance and personally with the lecturer of the respective course in order to avoid misunderstandings!