Student ID-Card "TUNIKA"

Your student ID-Card, commonly referred to as your “TUNIKA”, which you receive after enrolling at Trier University, is a chip-card that has many functions besides just showing your student ID (matriculation) number. This card is used to provide access to various university services (the library, sport and fitness centre, Mensa-cafeterias etc.), payments functions in the TUKAN machines and updating it in the validation machines.

Student ID card has two different designs

Trier University's new corporate design also lead to a new design for the student ID "TUNIKA". Therefore there are currently two different designs in circulation but are both equally valid.

New Design

[Translate to Englisch:] Bild TUNIKA im neuen Design

Design used until 2022

[Translate to Englisch:] Bild TUNIKA im alten Design

What is your TUNIKA used for?

TUNIKA is your bus and train ticket

Your student ID-card is also your bus and train ticket within the boundaries of the "Verkehrsverbundes im Raum Trier" (VRT). If you have purchased the "Deuschlandticket" as an upgrade to your student ID-card (via VRT-APP) you can use the TUNIKA as a bus and tain ticket thoughout Germany. You can find detailed information on the website of the Studierendenwerk Trier at:

Please note: your TUNIKA is only valid as a ticket, when legible and for the period of the dates printed on the card (see Validation).  In case of complaints, the ticket can be confiscated by the bus/train staff and a fine for fare evasion will be charged. An “Immatrikulationsbescheinigung” is not a valid form of ID as proof of enrolment for the purposes of the bus/train and may not be accepted.

Paying with your TUNIKA

The chip inside your TUNIKA carries a wallet that is divided into several sections. At the TUKAN cash machine, the TUNIKA can be loaded with money (TUNIKA Aufwerten) using your EC card.  You can also load your TUNIKA using cash at the Studiwerk service point, at the cashier desk of the Mensa and bistros, i.e. a certain amount is credited to the card.

With credit on your TUNIKA you can

  • pay in the Mensa, cafeterias and bistros
  • top up your library and library printing account or pay late fees at the library.
  • use printing credit to be able to print in the pool rooms.

The TUNIKA is your library card

Your TUNIKA enables you to borrow books or pay fees. 

You can pay your late fees at a TUKAN machine in the entrance area of the library or load credit for the photocopiers in the library. To load credit on your TUNIKA, see the section “Paying with your TUNIKA”

For questions about using your TUNIKA in the library: please see the library Info-Centre (Tel. 0651/ 201-2420).

Access to the pool rooms

To enter a pool room, you must be assigned a PIN at


DiMiDo - Cultural Semester Ticket

Enjoy culture......for free! DiMiDo, is the cultural semester ticket of the Studierendenwerk Trier makes it possible - simply present a valid student ID at the box office 20 minutes before the performance begins. Further Information here.


TUNIKA locked, unreadable, defective or lost?

TUNIKA gesperrt (locked)
If you receive the message that your “TUNIKA ist gesperrt”, it has been temporarily locked.  The Studiwerk Office SO! will be able to help you.

Validation strip is no longer readable or the TUKAN cannot read your card
Please see the staff at the Info-Centre of the Student Counselling Centre (ZSB) in V-building, ground floor by the main entrance. This must be done in person.

Lost or Damaged TUNIKA
If your TUNIKA has been lost or damaged (i.e. cracked, bent or broken etc.), your card can be replaced for a fee.  Your will need to provide the following:

  1. You need to complete the “Antrag auf Erstellung einer TUNIKA-Zweitschrift” (application for a new TUNIKA)
  2. Pay the fee of 22 € at the TUKAN for a new card.  At the TUKAN – select the following: Shop ohne Anmeldung – Universitätsverwaltung – Neuausstellung einer TUNIKA für Studierende.  The TUKAN will print three receipts – with the "ticket" needing to accompany your application for a new TUNIKA.  The other two receipts are for your records.
  3. Give your application and ticket to the staff at the Info-Centre (V-Building). If the Info-Centre is closed, you may also deposit the application and ticket in the mailbox at the Registrar's Office. The new TUNIKA will normally be available for pick up at the Info-Centre after 10:00 on the next work day (please note the opening hours!).

Note: When a new card is issued, the old card is automatically locked.  However, this does not apply to the payment function.  To have the payment function disabled, you need to go to the Studiwerk Office SO!, who can help you further.