Official certification

Please note:

In Germany, official certifications of copies may be issued by the following authorities:

  • office of the mayor or chief magistrate
  • local gonvernment
  • civic authorities (town hall)
  • Rectories (only when the rector carries out the certification personally)
  • county/district council
  • police department/headquarters
  • courts
  • notaries

In Germany, official certifications may not be issued by the following:

  • charitable institutions
  • interpreters
  • students´ union
  • banks
  • building societies
  • etc.

Attention: problems may arise with the certification of papers issued in other languages. In such cases, applicants should contact their embassy or consulate.

In Countries other than Germany, the following offices are authorized to issue official certifications:

  • diplomatic missions of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • or the authorities in the respective country, which are authorized to issue certifications