Studying at Trier University: Degree Students

Get inspired by the varied study programmes at Trier University for Bachelor's as well as Master's degrees in over 30 subjects. There are several Master's degree courses that are completely taught in English. The doctorate is possible in all subjects. Please get in touch with your comtact partner at Trier University for questions on choosing a programme and on individual subjects.

Information und orientierung

Range of Courses

Range of courses
Here you will find an overview of all undergraduate programs (Bachelor and State examination) and all graduate programs (Master). In all Bachelor's programs and in many Master's programs (almost) all courses are held in German.

English taught Master's courses
Some Master's programs are taught entirely in English.


Application, admission and enrolment

International applicants who wish to study at the University of Trier must first apply for admission to their chosen degree program. Once applicants have received a positive decision on admission, they must enrol at the University of Trier.


Information on the application process for degree students can be found here.


If you receive an admission letter after your application, you can enrol at Trier University.
If further documents are required for enrolment after application and admission, you will receive corresponding information from the Admissions Office with your admission letter.


You must pay a semester fee for enrolment. The semester fee is not a tuition fee, but a solidarity contribution with which all students support their student representation and make the semester ticket possible, among other things.

After successful enrolment, you will receive your study documents and the student ID card "TUNIKA". With the TUNIKA you can, for example, pay for your meals in the cafeteria, borrow books, print and copy in the library, take the bus & train and much more.


Orientierung seminar "Quick Start" and general information and orientation

The orientation seminar Quick Start is offered especially for international degree students.

For all students (German and international), there is a wide range of general orientation events at the beginning of their studies. In case of questions, e.g. about semester planning, there is also the possibility of a degree specific counseling.

Before Arrival

Entering Germany and Visa

Depending on your nationality, a visa is required for entry into the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). Therefore, please inform yourself at a German diplomatic or consular representation in your home country about the valid entry and residence regulations.

You apply for the visa at the responsible German mission in your home country.

The visa is issued depending on the reason for stay. Make sure that you apply for a study visa or an applicant visa. A tourist visa, a language course visa or an au-pair visa cannot be converted into a study visa. In these cases, you would have to leave Germany after the visa expires.

Tip: When applying for a "visa for study purposes", you must present, among other things, the admission letter from the University of Trier. But even if you have not yet received the admission letter from the University of Trier, you can already apply for an "applicant visa". This can be converted into a "residence permit for study purposes" by the responsible authority in Trier after your entry, if you have been admitted to study in the meantime. Expect a processing time of several weeks, possibly even several months, and apply for your visa early!

If you do not require a visa for your entry and are not an EU citizen, you must still apply for a residence permit after your arrival. Please make sure before your arrival that you can prove that you have the necessary financial means!

Helpful links
Do you need more detailed information regarding the most important legal framework conditions that allow legal residence in Germany? ► Entry & Residence 

Funding your studies

Please note that in advance of your studies at the University of Trier, the financing for your complete stay in Germany must be clarified and secured. Usually, you will need about 934 € per month to finance your life in Trier. Most of the costs will come from rent, health insurance, and your meals.

In your first month you will also have other costs. For your apartment you will usually have to pay a deposit (about 600 €). In addition, you will have to pay the semester fee, which is about €325.

► Proof of financial resources and blocked account


Health insurance

In Germany it is mandatory for ALL students to have health insurance. You must provide proof of adequate health insurance coverage when enroling at Trier University and when applying for a residence permit at the "Amt für Ausländerangelegenheiten". 

You can find important information here.



There is a wide range of housing available. However, you must look for accommodation early. You can find more information here.

For further privat dormitories

Travelling to Trier

You can travel to Trier via one of the airports in the area, by train, bus or with your own car. Here you can find more information.


After Arrival

Resident's Registration Office

After entering the country, you must register at the Resident's Registration Office of the city of Trier. You must register within two weeks after moving into your accommodation. 

Required documents

When registering, you must present the following documents:


Residence permit

Depending on your nationality, you will need a residence permit if you are staying in Germany for longer than three months.


Bank account

In order to be able to handle your payment transactions (e.g. the transfer of the monthly rent) cost-effectively, you should open a current account at a German bank. As a student of Trier University, you will receive a student current account at most banks with no monthly account maintenance fees.

Required documents

When opening an account at the bank, you must present the following documents:

  • Identity card or passport
  • Registration certificate from the Resident's Registration Office and Tax ID number
  • Certificate of enrolment from the University of Trier

In the city center of Trier you will find branches of almost all large and well-known German banks, but also some foreign banks. 


Medical care

If you need to see a doctor during your stay in Trier, here you will find the most important addresses of doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and for emergencies.

In Germany, a distinction is made between general practitioners and specialists. As a rule, you go to your general practitioner first and then have yourself referred to a specialist. If you have statutory health insurance, the costs of treatment are settled through the health insurance. If you have private insurance, you must pay the costs yourself first and are usually reimbursed later by the health insurance company.


General emergency numbers

Police: 110
Fire department/emergency doctor: 112


Medical emergency number and pharmacy emergency service

Medical emergency number: 01805-767-5463

Medical emergency service center Trier: 0651/45555
(Wednesday afternoons and weekends when doctors' offices are closed) 

Pharmacy emergency service: 0800-00-22833


Hospitals in Trier

Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder
Nordallee 1
54292 Trier
Phone: 0651/208-0

Evangelisches Elisabeth Krankenhaus
Theobaldstrasse 12
54292 Trier
Phone: 0651/2092-0

Klinikum Mutterhaus der Borromäerinnen
Feldstr. 16
54290 Trier
Phone: 0651/947-0