Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements? Do I have to be a student?

The target group for our International Summer School are university students and university graduates from all over the world. For graduate students, it does not matter when the degree was completed.


What is the minimum age for the participants?

At the beginning of our summer school, all participants have to be at least 18 years old.


Am I registered for the course as soon as I submit my application?

Your registration will be confirmed after paying the course fee. The definitive confirmation of your admission will be sent to you by e-mail after we receive your payment. If there is any delay of your payment, please inform us immediately by email (ifkuni-trierde).


How can I receive a confirmation of my course registration in order to apply for a visa?

After registration (and payment of the course fee if you are not a scholarship holder) all participants will receive the admission/invitation to the course by email. All participants who need a visa for Germany will additionally receive the admission/invitation by paper letter to the address you have given.

Since original documents usually have to be presented and the postal route can take a long time, we cannot guarantee that the visa will be issued on time. Therefore, inform yourself as early as possible about the entry requirements!

Do I need a visa? See here.

The following cancellation rules apply in case of cancellation:

  •     Fees for foreign bank transfer are at your expense.
  •     The transferred amount for the rent will be returned to you in full, regardless of the cancellation date.
  •     The amount transferred for course fees will be returned to you as follows, depending on the cancellation date:
    •     Cancellation at least 31 days before the date of arrival: refund of 100% of the payment made minus 50 € handling fee.
    •     Cancellation from the 30th to the 8th day before the arrival date: refund of 50% of the paid course fee
    •     Cancellation less than 8 days before the arrival date: no refund


What does the course fee include?

The course fee includes:

  • the costs for the German language classes
  • the academic programme
  • the cultural programme
  • all excursions
  • opening and closing ceremony
  • computer access at Trier University (during the opening hours of the library), wireless LAN access on campus
  • The VRT Ticket for all busses and trains in the region


What extra costs should I expect?

Please consider the following extra costs:

  • Accommodation in a student dormitory: 350 € (for the whole course period)
  • Deposit for the accomodation: 50 € (will be repaid if the room is okay)
  • Meals: approx. 150-250 € (for instance, a meal in the student cafeteria costs approx. 3,00-6,00 €)
  • Personal expenses


How can I find private accommodation in Trier?

The University has a specific contingent of rooms for the summer school. It is limited and only available for the days from arrival to departure day.

If you wish to stay in Trier outside this period OR you did not get a room via the summer school OR you wish to stay in a private room, you'll find a list of inexpensive accomodation options below.

Important! Please book your private room as soon as possible!

Kolping Hostel Trier
Dietrichstraße 42
54290 Trier   
Phone: 0651/975250

Jugendherberge Trier
An der Jugendherberge 4
54292 Trier
Phone: 0651/146620

Hostel Sankt Clara
Franz-Ludwig-Straße 7
54290 Trier




The Placement test / final test

The placement test and the final test consist of a written test. For the final test there can be an additional oral test, too. After passing the final exam, you will receive a certificate showing your level of German and your mark.


Which course book do we use in the summer school?

We do NOT use a single course book in the summer school and you do not have to buy something. Your teachers will hand you out all documents and papers you'll need. Please bring a slim binder with you to put in your papers.


Can I complete a full language level in your course?

Our summer school includes 85-90 hours of lessons and project work within the four weeks. In addition there is a rich social program where you can practice your speaking skills. At the beginner level A1 some learners make fast progress, but at a higher level you will need much longer to reach the next level. You can see a rough overview of the hours needed (which vary from person to person!) on the website of the Goethe-Institut:



Can I get internet access at Trier University?

During your stay you can use the internet access of Trier University. You find a PC pool at the library (opening hours from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00-24:00h, on Saturdays 9:00-19:00h, on Sundays, 11:00-15:00h).

On campus we have free WiFi almost everywhere. Because of organisational reasons, in student housing we can't provide internet access for the summer school participants.


How about insurances?

Please keep in mind that Trier University does not cover course participants against sickness and accident. For most of the European countries an insurance agreement exists – in this case please bring along your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

We highly recommend to the remaining participants that you take out a health insurance for the stay in Germany because an urgent visit to a doctor or an hospital can be very costly.

To avoid financial problems in case of any kind of damages to third parties you might cause, you should take out a third party liability insurance for your stay in Germany.


Can I enter Germany without a valid Corona-vaccination?

Unfortunately, we cannot make a general statement here. Please check with a German Embassy in your country:


Why was I not accepted or why am I only on the waiting list?

We select the participants of our IFK according to the following criteria:

- Scholarship holders of the DAAD

- Nominees from partner universities

- Distribution of applicants across the different language levels

- Distribution of applicants across different countries and regions of the world

- Reasons for the application