Getting around Trier and the surrounding area

The Trier University campus is situated on a plateau just outside the city center, with fantastic views of the city and countryside. The campus is easy to reach:

  • By bus: The main campus can be reached by bus from the main train station in 12 minutes. The bus routes run frequently to the campus.
  • By car: There are numerous free parking spaces available on campus for students, staff and visitors.
  • By bike: There are various (bike) paths leading to the campus - quiet routes with moderate inclines as well as routes that are steeper, requiring a bit more stamina.

► More info on how to get there

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Using the bus and train – free of charge

The semester fee includes something called a “semester ticket” for students at the university.  By paying the semester fee, students can use bus and train in the region free of charge. Your student ID card (Tunika), has the semester dates printed on it and acts as your bus/train ticket. It is valid from as far as Saarbrücken, to Koblenz and the Eifel. Just show your student ID TUNIKA!

► More information about the semester ticket on the website of Studiwerk Trier.

Public transportation (ÖPNV) in Luxembourg is free for everyone. Free transportation ends at the Luxembourg border. Trier University students who travel by train (2nd class) from Luxembourg to Trier, travel free of charge thanks to their semester ticket. For bus trips, you have to pay for the part of the route that lies in Germany, that is outside of the semester ticket zone.

► More info on the Mobilitéitszentral website

► More info on the Studiwerk website