To do before entering Germany

Before you leave for Germany to study at Trier University, there are numerous things to take care off. Please take care of the individual steps as early as possible as they often require a longer preparation time.

Application and Admission

Information on the application and admission as a freemover at Trier University can be found here under Austauschprogramme (Incomings) > Freemover.


Life in Trier

As soon as you receive your admission to Trier University, you must organize your stay in Trier.

Entering Germany and Visa
Depending on your citizenship, you will need a visa to enter The Federal Republic of Germany.

Prior to your studies at Trier University, funding of your complete stay must be ensured.

There are various offers of accommodation; however, we recommend that you take care of your accommodation as early as possible.  

Getting to Trier
You can either get to Trier by airplane arriving at one of the airports in the area, by train, by bus or by car.

Required documents
Documents you must bring along and other things to consider.