TUKAN machines

TUKAN | where to find them

  • Building A
  • Building C
  • Near ZIMK-"Service‐Punkt" in building E
  • Near the entrance of Auditorium Maximum/Mensa
  • Building V
  • Near Mensa at building F (Campus II)
  • Near library entrace in building F (Campus II)
  • At the sportshall behind the changing rooms.
  • At the entrance of the library

See map

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TUKAN | Access

The TUKAN machines, which can be found at various locations on campus I and II, can also be used by wheelchair users via the trackball on the right-hand side of the keyboard. This allows a mouse pointer to be moved and directed to the fields on the screen. All fields on the screen can be controlled and triggered with the mouse buttons over the trackball. See image 1 und image 2.

EC card reader, TUNIKA reader and receipt dispenser are located in the lower part of the device and are easily accessible.


TUKAN | Shop

Use the TUKAN machines to put money on you TUNIKA ("TUNIKA Aufwerten"). You can also put money on your printout/photocopy account by pressing the button “Druck-/Kopierkonto aufwerten”.

With your TUNIKA you can access Uni-Shop via the TUKAN machines. Here you'll find, among others:

  • shop items printed with University Logo
  • Tickets for sports courses
  • Tickets for print products from the University Print shop
  • Ticket for a new TUNIKA
  • Tickets for concerts and other cultural events

Photocopies or printouts at the university


  1. Put money on your printout/photocopy account by using your student-ID-card “TUNIKA” on the grey TUKAN-machines. For this press the button “Druck-/Kopierkonto aufwerten”.
  2. You can now use photocopy-machines in the library and on several department floors. There are also a few photocopy-machines that accept coins.
  3. Information on prices for photocopies can be found → here


  1. Put money on your printout/photocopy account by using your student-ID-card “TUNIKA” on the grey TUKAN-machines. For this press button “Druck-/Kopierkonto aufwerten”
  2. To make printouts you need to log in to one of the computers in the “PC-Pools”. Information on where to find the PC-Pools → here
  3. Now you can send your document to a printer nearby. Now approach the printer to log in at the printing terminal and start the print job. Information on where to find the printers → here

If you have trouble with printing or making photocopies please contact “ZIMK-Service Punkt”. You can find them in the E-building, room E 43a, you can call them +49 651 201 4400 or email them: zimkserviceuni-trierde.

Who to call when they are not working

Trouble with TUKAN: Studiwerk's "Service Point" can be of help. You can reach them Mo – Thu 8.30 h to 16.00 h, Fr 8.30 h bis 14.00 h, www.studiwerk.de, or call them: 0800‐788 349 375

Trouble with TUNIKA card: staff at Info‐Center in building V can help.


TUKAN | Contacts

For further information or in case of problems with a TUKAN machine, the following contacts are at your disposal:

for questions about the TUNIKA card: Info‐Center of the Zentrale Studienberatung in building V

for questions about the use of the library: Enquiry office of the library (phone: +49 651 201-2420)

for questions about the EPURSE function of the TUNIKA and the TUKAN machine: Service Point of the Studierendenwerk