Withdrawing from your studies

Students can request to withdraw from their studies at any time during the year. If you want to withdraw, please complete and submit the Request for withdrawal to the Admissions Office. If, as an applicant you already enrolled but have not started your first semester at Trier University, and then decide that you want to withdraw, then you need to hand in the waiver of enrolment form.

You can choose whether you want to withdraw at the end of the semester, by a certain date, or immediately. It is not possible to withdraw retroactively. Please complete the form by computer, then print and sign it before sending it to the Registrar’s Office.

Once your request to withdraw is completed by the Admissions Office, your PORTA access and your e-mail inbox will remain active for aprox. 8 weeks. You can print out your certificate of withdrawal via PORTA.

See below for more information. If questions remain unanswered, please contact the Admissions Office.

Withdrawing from your studies | FAQ

Withdrawing from your studies within the last (planned) semester of your programme

I just handed in the last paper / sat for the last exam for my programme. Do I need to withdraw from my studies?

As long as the final grade is not showing in PORTA after handing in the last paper or sitting for the last exam, students can re-register for the next semester. As soon as the final grade shows in PORTA then re-registering is not possible and the student will be de-registered automatically at the end of the semester.

Students can withdraw from their studies after sitting for the last exam /handing in the last paper. If you decide to do so, but the final grade(s) are not yet official, you should leave your contact details to the examination office. Hochschulprüfungsamt (HPA)

Change of Universities

I am planning to transfer to another University. When should I withdraw from my studies?

If you are transferring to another university, you will require the certificate of withdrawal. Please note that you should only withdraw from Trier University once your place of admission at the other university is secure.

Withrawing from your studies after re-registration

I re-registered for the next semester. Now I decided that I do not want to continue my studies. Can I still withdraw from my studies within the current semester?

If you already re-registered for the next semester you can still hand in the Request for withdrawal for the current semester prior March 31 (in Winter Semester)/ September 31 (in Summer Semester) . You can even receive a refund on the semester fee that you already paid to re-register. Make sure to include your banking details on the request for withrawal from your studies and to hand in the Student ID card (TUNIKA) with the request, as otherwise no refund is possible.

Waiver of Enrolment

I applied to Trier University and already enrolled for the first semester, but the semester has not yet started. Now I decided not to start my studied at Trier University. Do I need to withdraw from my studies?

No. If you renounce your place of study after enrolment, please send us a corresponding application.

If you already enrolled but then decide not to start your studies at Trier University, you need to submit the waiver of enrolment form.


The waiver of enrolment form must be submitted to the Admissions Office before 30 September for a start in winter semester or 31 March for a start in the summer semester. Please ensure that you provide your banking details so that we are able to refund the semester fee.

Refunds for the winter semester will only be made from November onwards.

A refund is only possible if the application is submitted by September, 30 for a winter semester and March, 31 for a summer semester.

The ZIMK user ID and the TUNIKA (student ID) must be returned with the waiver of enrolment, if you have already received it. The refund will be reduced by the amount of 22 Euro for the costs incurred to produce the TUNIKA.

According to the Besonderem Gebührenverzeichnis RLP, the following fees are applied to a waiver of enrolment when a refund is requested and will be deducted from the semester fee refund:

  • 25 Euros for a degree programme with unrestricted admission
  • 45 Euros for a degree programme with restricted admissions.

After October, 1 (winter semester) or April, 1 (summer semester), requests to cease studies will be handled as a withdrawal from studying as the semester has already started. In this case, please use the Request for withdrawal form.