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How much will it cost to study?

How much will it cost to study? | International Students

In order to being able to pay for your living expenses, you need at least 800.00 Euro per month. The highest expenses are due to rent, health insurance and cost of food. The following table lists the different expenses you may expect to have each month

Accomodationca. 280,00 - 320,00 Euro
Health insuranceca. 50,00 - 100,00 Euro
Cost of foodca. 250,00 Euro
Material for studies (books, etc.)ca. 55,00 Euro
Miscellaneous (clothing, leisure)ca. 50.00 - 100.00 Euro

During your first month in Trier you should budget additional expenses.You may likely be required to pay a deposit for your apartment (ca. 600.00 Euro). Moreover, you will need to pay the semester fee
(about 300 Euro). When applying for the visa as well as for the residence permit, you must prove that you have enough financial resources for your stay in Germany. You will not get a residence permit if you fail to provide the proof of financial resources for secured means of support.

►General Information on costs of education and living (DAAD)

Funding options

Parental support

According to the German Civil Code (§ 1601 BGB), parents are generally obliged to support their children of full age up to a professionally qualifying degree. Therefore parental support is the easiest and most used funding option by students. However, there are things to notice like obligations, child benefits etc.

Parental support [Source: Agentur für Arbeit - Studienwahl]

Child benefits [Source: Agentur für Arbeit]
Child benefits and tax allowances [Source: Bundesministerium für Justiz & Verbraucherschutz]

BAföG (= education advancement grants)

  • BAföG [Source: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung] - official homepage of the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAföG)
  • BAföG [Source: Agentur für Arbeit | Studienwahl] - summary provided by the Agentur für Arbeit
  • BAföG [Source: Deutsche Studierendenwerke] - summary provided by the Deutsche Studierendenwerke

BAföG is a government fund that – under certain conditions – offers financial support to Bachelor and Master students.

The BAföG office at Trier University is responsible for all matters in regard to BAföG.

BAföG – News
Current information about BAföG (-application) and application process.

BAföG application
How to apply for BAföG

BAföG A - Z
Quick look up of important words

Student Side Jobs

Students from third countries who have a residence permit for the purpose of studying (Section 16b of the German Residence Act – AufenthG) may be employed for 120 full days or 240 half days per year without the approval of the BA. In addition, foreign students from third countries can be employed even before completing their studies (in accordance with Section 16b (4) of the German Residence Act – AufenthG). Full-time employment as a professional (Section 18a; 18b of the German Residence Act – AufenthG) if the acquired knowledge and skills enable them to do so. (Source). Please do also check this website for further useful Information on side jobs and placements.

Our Career Service Portal offers you a central platform for your professional orientation. Here you will find offers for internships and theses, exclusive job offers especially for students of the University of Trier, interesting employers from the region, nationwide, Europe and worldwide, topic-related information and tips as well as events, lectures and workshops to prepare for your professional future check out Career Service Portal

The University of Trier and the Studierendenwerk are also employers. Student assistants support professors in their research. Students also work, for example, in the canteen, in the library, in the ZIMK (computer center) or help with the maintenance of the green areas. Keep an eye out for relevant offers in the university communications that you regularly receive on your student e-mail address, and for notices and announcements in your subject. Or register at the info points / central contact points of the Studierendenwerk, ZIMK or library.

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