Long-term stay (more than 6 months)

When looking for your future accommodation in Trier, please be aware of the follwing specifics of housing market in Trier:

1) Due to the tense situation of the housing market in Trier (especially before the beginning of the semester) it is not easy to find accommodation. The earlier you start looking, the better your chances to find the right place.

2) Furthermore,  most rooms/apartments on the private housing market are unfurnished (contrary to the student dormitories of Trier University and several privately operated student dormitories).

3) Additionally, rent in the private housing market does not include utility costs such as water, electricity or gas.


University dormitories

Doctoral students may apply for accommodation in one of the University's student dormitories. However, as rooms are given with priority to Bachelor and Master students, the chances are rather low for doctoral students to obtain a room especially at the beginning of the winter term. Nevertheless, chances are often better a tthe beginning of the summer semester as the housing market is not that tense during that time.

Privately operated student dormitories

An alternative to the university's student dormitories are several privately operated student dormitories. Those dormitories are mostly located close to the university and depending on the operator, rooms are either furnished or unfurnished. For further information please contact the private operators directly.

Shared accommodation

If you would like to share housing costs and live in shared accommodation with other students or young people, we may check out the following databases:

Nationwide Real Estate Databases

There are several Internet search engines in Germany that allow you to search for apartments in Trier.

Local Databases

    (This local internet portal is frequently used by students to find accommodation. Please check the section “Kleinanzeigen” (small ads) to find a list of rooms and apartments offered by private providers.)
  • Ebay Kleinanzeigen Trier

Black boards

Upon your arrival in Trier, you can check the “Black Boards” within the university buildings for housing offers:

  • Black Board of the Student Services (SWT)
    The private accommodation service of the SWT is located on Campus I of the University in the Student Centre (Room ST 09).

  • Black Board of the AstA (Student Union)
    The private accommodation service by the AstA is located on Campus I of the University in building B (Room B 15).

  • Black Boards in the University buildings
    There are information boards in central areas at the university where students place ads for rooms and apartments (e.g. when they search for roommates respectively interim or new tenants).


Legal Counseling Service

The AStA (Students Union) provides legal counseling concerning tenant law problems for students. Please contact astamietuni-trierde

Short-term stay (1-6 months)

For short-term stays up to 6 months, we recommend booking a hotel, a holiday apartment or a short-term stay in a private apartment or room.


If you are planning to stay in Trier for up to 3 weeks, you might consider booking a hotel.

Holiday Apartments

If you are planning to stay in Trier for a courple of weeks, renting a holiday apartment might be a suitable option for you. Holiday apartments are fully furnished and usually equipped with all the electrical devices, dishes and tools you need. Please check the following databases for holiday apartments in Trier:

Private Apartments/Rooms