How you are insured respectively if you need to pay for insurance yourself depends on how your doctoral studies or your research period is financed. In any case, you will need adequate health insurance coverage.

a) Scholarship 


Please be aware that the required insurance depends on how you finance your studies: With a scholarship you do not have social security insurance and you must pay for your own health insurance (and perhaps for you family if they are coming with you).

So you should check if your home health insurance covers the stay in germany (for you and your family). If not, you need to request a health insurance in Germany.


The DAAD offers group health insurances for international scientists.


b) Employment at Trier University

If you are employed at Trier University you will get an employment contract and social security coverage. Health insurance payments are made automatically.

The following social security coverages are mandatory in Germany: 

  • Health insurance
  • Pension insurance
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Nursing care insurance

The insurance premiums are being paid by the employer as well as the employee proportionally. The employee’s share is being deducted from the gross income. Depending on the income, the employee can chose between statutory and private health care coverage.

For further questions, e.g. if your local health insurance provides adequate health care coverage and if you can be exempt from the German health insurance or if the premiums paid in Germany can be charged against the premiums in your home country, please refer to the internet portal “Researchers in motion” (Euraxess).