The International Office at Trier University will try to assist you in your search for accommodation. Depending on the length of your stay, we recommend you book a hotel or rent a (holiday) flat on the private market.

Short-term stays (1-3 months)

If you are in Trier for a short-term stay, booking a hotel or renting a holiday or private flat might be a good option for you.


If you are coming for a short period of time, you might consider staying in a hotel in Trier

Holiday apartments

If you are staying for several weeks you might want to rent a holiday apartment. They are usually furnished and fully equipped. On the following web portals you can search for holiday apartments in Trier: 

Private apartments

Long-term stay (more than 3 months)

If you are staying in Trier for longer than three months, you might want to look for accommodation on the private property market. Please keep in mind the following tips when searching the private housing market:

1) The housing market is tight, especially around the start of the semester. It might not be easy to find suitable accommodation at times. The earlier you start your search, the better your chances of finding the accommodation of your choice.

2) In many cases, private flats are rented unfurnished (this is not the case with some privately run student residences).

3) You have to account for additional costs for water, electricity or gas on top of the rent.

There are several options to search for private accommodation.

Nationwide real estate market

Local ads for flats in Trier

  • Ebay Kleinanzeigen Trier
    (The local internet portal for the city of Trier is heavily used by students and doctoral candidates to find accommodation. Under the heading "Classifieds" you will find an overview of room and flat offers from private providers.)

Private residences & flat rental

  • Vegis Immobilien
    (private flat rental close to the university; minimum rental period 6-12 Months)
  • Residential Complex Treff
    (private flat rental close to the university, contact: gbt Wohnungsbau und Treuhand AG)
  • Regenbogenviertel
    (private flat rental close to the university, Pluwiger Str.  2-4, 6, 12, 14, 16, contact: Laux und Partner)
    (webportal for shared flats which also offers single flats or flats available for interim rent. Please choose the option "Angebote" - "1-Zimmer Wohnung" oder "Wohnung")