About the University

Trier has a long tradition as a university city. The original University was founded in 1473 before being forced to close in 1798. It was then reestablished in 1970.

Today, it is home to around 15,000 students, of which more than 10 percent are international students.

Geographically, the University looks down from its position on the Tarforst mountainside on the Moselle valley and also the city of Trier.

Trier University is a campus university, meaning that all of its buildings and facilities are concentrated in a relatively small area and are easily accessible by foot.

The buildings on Campus I are surrounded by landscaped parkland and lakes, with sport, leisure and shopping facilities all available nearby. Campus II also has its share of greenery and borders onto Trier’s science and technology park.

As a member of the University of the Greater Region Trier University provides students and staff the opportunity to study and do research in Metz, Nancy, Luxemburg, Liège and Saarbrücken at the same time.