Mentoring – Career Planning for Female Academics

The mentoring program Career Planning for Female Doctoral Candidates offers a formalized platform for an exchange of experience on questions relating to individual career development. We welcome applications from female academics who are interested in exchanging experiences and open to new perspectives and ideas. We would also like to encourage international female academics to submit their applications.

The heart of the program is the one-to-one mentoring with an experienced person from the fields of academic sciences or management, economics, administration, politics and others. We offer a modular program that includes mentoring, qualification measures (usually in German language) and networking opportunities.

The program is part of the Equal Opportunity Office. For more information, please check the program flyer or the website of the Equal Opportunity Office. Please note that the website has not yet been translated into English. If you are interest in the mentoring program but do not speak German, you are very welcome to contact the program coordinator Dr. Claudia Seeling, email: mentoringuni-trierde