Required documents

Official Administration: All International Students

You are required to bring the following documents to Germany as you will need them for official business: 

  • 4 copies of your passport or identity card
  • 2 biometric passport photos
  • if available: 1 certificate by your local health insurance on your health insurance coverage
  • if you need a visa for Germany: 2 copies of your visa
  • if you are not from a country in the European Community and you do not have a scholarship from Trier University, the DAAD or the Fulbright Commission: 1 attestation of funding in German or English, in which your scholarship provider or your parents declare in writing that sufficient funds of at least Euros 853 per month will be available to you during your studies.
  • Your admission letter to study at Trier University

Health Care: Individual Needs of Individual Students 

For your study abroad stay at Trier University you must have sufficient health insurance coverage to be eligible for enrolment.
1. If - for whatever reasons - you have German statutory health insurance (for example with DAK or AOK or any other German statutory health insurance provider): perfect!
2. If you have a valid (valid until the end of your stay in Trier!!!) European Health Insurance Card: perfect!
 3. If you have health insurance coverage via a social security agreement between your home country and Germany (usually only students from Turkey and Serbia): ok!
4. If you do not have health insurance coverage according to the first three groups then please absolutely pay attention to what follows:
Private or statutory health insurance from your home country will not be approved anymore. You will have to purchase a German health insurance plan during the first few days of your stay in Trier! (Advice will be given in the course of the orientation program for exchange students.)


Students with chronic illnesses or psychological issues should additionally pay attention to the following:

  • Medication
    If you need to take specific medication, please check early if they are readily available in Germany. Make sure that you bring along sufficient medication. Contact your physician and if necessary the customs authority (import provisions!).
  • Medical or psychological treatment:
    If you are suffering from a chronic illness or if you need psychological treatment during your stay, please inform us as early as possible not later than receiving the admission letter in order to take appropriate precautions together. Medical care in Trier is good, however, getting an appointment with medical specialists can take quite a long time and we want to make sure that you will get the necessary medical treatment from the beginning. You may rest assured that this information will be treated in strict confidence.