Vortrag am 13.02.24 im Rahmen des ökonomischen Kolloquiums (IAAEU) über die Wirkung von Population Diversity auf Kinofilme

Im Rahmen des Ökonomischen Kolloquiums am IAAEU findet am Dienstag, 13.02.2024 (16:00 Uhr, H714, Campus II), der nächste Vortrag statt, zu dem wir Sie/ Euch herzlich einladen.

Skerdilajda Zanaj von der Universität Luxemburg wird zum Thema "Diversity on the Screen" referieren. 

Weitere Informationen sowie das gesamte Semesterprogramm finden Sie/ findet Ihr hier.

Using hand-collected data on movies from 1998 to 2008, we examine how deep-rooted population diversity in the origin countries of the cast (actors) and the production team (director, writer, and producer) affects movie performance (spectator ratings and box office revenue). We contend that distinguishing between the cast (what is visible by spectators-consumers) and the production team allows an analysis of how “visible diversity” affects performance. Once controlling for selection-endogeneity concerns, we find that the visible component has a hump-shaped effect on our movie performance measures and primarily drives our findings. We also show that the optimal level of cast diversity (the one that maximizes movie performance) is significantly higher than the sample’s average value. Our research sheds light on a novel implication of migrations that make audiences more diverse and, ultimately, impacts the film industry. Taken overall, findings suggest that diverse films can be an effective tool for a better integration of migrants in the destination countries because movies are a key edutainment channel for diversity, engaging wide audiences.