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PORTA is Trier University’s online portal system, where your personal account accompanies you throughout your studies from the moment you apply and enrol at Trier University. PORTA serves a number of functions during your studies. We highlight the most important and commonly used functions that you will use here.

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Corona | Information on PORTA

Due to the Corona Pandemic there are several changes in PORTA concerning the organisation of courses and lectures. Please note the information provided!

How do I use PORTA?

Information for lecturers and staff

FAQs Mitarbeitende/Lehrende

Anleitungen (Screenshots / PDF-Format)



Bitte beachten Sie als Lehrende (bzw. Prüfende) und Mitarbeitende, dass außerhalb des Uni-Netzes bzw. ohne einen VPN-Client nur die Rollen "Mitarbeitende" oder "Studierende" aktiv sind. Diese Einschränkung ist aus Sicherheitsgründen notwendig.

Questions about PORTA?

For answers to general questions as well as technical support for PORTA please email → porta@uni-trier.de