How do I use PORTA?

PORTA is Trier University’s online portal system, where your personal account accompanies you throughout your studies from the moment you apply and enrol at Trier University. PORTA serves a number of functions during your studies. We highlight the most important and commonly used functions that you will use here.

Instructions: To view enrolment certificate, BAföG certificate or grade report/certificate

  1. After logging in, in the menu under “My studies” select "Student Service".  There you will see the degree programme(s) in which you are currently enrolled.
  2. Next click on the tab "Requested Rerports/Reports and Certificates”.
  3. All certificates are available for you here in PDF format, which you can access and print.
  • Bescheinigungen = Certificates
  • Bescheinigung nach $9BAFöG (PDF) = BAFöG certificate [PDF]
  • Gebührenaufstellung (PDF) = Semester fees statement [PDF]
  • Immatrikulationsbescheinigung (Deutsch) [PDF] = Enrolment certificate (German) [PDF]
  • Immatrikulationsbescheinigung (Englisch) [PDF] = Enrolment certificate (English) [PDF]
  • Studienverlaufsbescheinigung [PDF] = Certificate confirming number of semesters enrolled [PDF]
  • Bescheinigungen für Noten und Prüfungen = Certificates of grades and examinations
  • Angemeldete Prüfungen [PDF] = Registered examinations [PDF]
  • Notenbescheinigung (Deutsch) [PDF] = Grade report/certificate (German) [PDF]
  • Notenbescheinigung (Englisch) [PDF] = Grade report/certificate (English) [PDF]


The video shows you the steps described above

Questions about PORTA?

A number of answers to your questions can be found in the FAQs


For answers to general questions as well as technical support for PORTA please email portauni-trierde