International applicants | International graduate students

Most international applicants follow the same application procedure as German applicants. This applies to both unrestricted (open) admission and restricted admission programmes as well as all degree programmes (Bachelor's, Master's, State Examination) at Trier University.

General information about application

Dates & deadlines

The application dates & deadlines depend on whether you are an EU citizen or not. Therefore, please note the deadlines that are applicable to you!

Admission requirements

The admission requirements for international applicants are similar to those for German applicants. However, they may differ, for example, in the type of university entrance qualification or language certificates needed. Before you apply, please check whether you meet the admission requirements for studying at Trier University.

Application, admission & enrolment

If you are an international student who wishes to study at Trier University, you must first apply to the university for your chosen degree programme.  If your application is successful you will receive a letter of admission and then you must enrol (register) at the university.


Applications to Trier University are handled online via the application portal PORTA. First you register to receive an application account. Once your account has been verified you may start to place online applications.

When placing an application online you will need to upload several documents as .pdf (document checklist ). All applications need to be handed in online by the current deadlines.


Admission & Registration

If you receive a letter of admission, you can enrol (register) at Trier University by accepting the admission online and pursuing the online enrolment within a new deadline, which you will receive with your letter of admission.

If, following your application and admission, additional documents are required in order to enrol, the Registrar's Office will send you the relevant information along with your letter of admission. All non-EU applicants to our English taught Masters will need to send, for enrolment, notarized copies of their application documents (wait for the information in your letter of admission).

During online enrolment you must upload proof of payment of the semester fee. The semester fee is not a tuition fee, but rather supports other elements of student life such as supporting the student council and your student ID as your bus/train pass for local public transportation.

Also you need to contact a German public health insurance, in order to have them check your insurance status and for them to send electronically the status of your health insurance to Trier University (ID H0000570). 

After successful enrolment, you will receive documents including your Trier University login information and your student ID card, referred to as a TUNIKA. With your TUNIKA, you can pay for your meals in the cafeteria, borrow books, print and copy in the library, travel by bus & train and much more.

Further information

Would you like more general information about studying in Germany and how to apply?

Study in Germany [source: DAAD]
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Uni-Assist e.V.

Trier University does not cooperate with Uni-assist ("Arbeits- und Servicestelle für ausländische Studienbewerbung").  An application via Uni-assist to study at Trier University is therefore neither necessary nor possible!

Applicants from China, Vietnam and India

The APS is a service agency of the Cultural Department of the German Embassy in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). It checks the validity of the submitted documents according the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs in the Federal Republic of Germany and conducts interviews with the applicants. The German Embassy only issues study visas to applicants with the APS seal of approval. Currently, there are academic examination centres in China, Vietnam and India.

Trier University accepts applicants from China, Vietnam and India only, if the applicants enclose an APS certificate with their application documents!

Applicants who completed the Bachelor in India, please note further mandatory information.

Further information on how to obtain the APS certificate can be found on the respective pages of the Academic Evaluation Centres.

International applicants with German educational qualifications (Bildungsinländer)

The same dates and deadlines and the same admission requirements apply to foreigners with a German education (foreign nationality, German school leaving certificate) as to German applicants.

Unrestricted & restricted admission programmes

For degree programmes with open admissions (Bachelor, Master, State Examination), international applicants apply directly to Trier University online via the application portal PORTA.

For Bachelor's programmes with restricted admissions, international applicants apply via the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung & das Dialogorientierte Service-Verfahren (Foundation for University Admissions & the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure) and Trier University’s application portal PORTA.

International applicants for Master's programmes with restricted admissions apply online via Trier University's application portal PORTA.