DAAD-PROMOS - Program to increase the mobility of students from German universities

What is PROMOS?

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International Office
Jan-Patrick Proost
Raum V32
Tel.: 0651-201 3343

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Next application deadline

November 17, 2023 for stays from/in the first quarter of 2024

Please note: Funding for stays in Russia/Belarus is not possible until further notice

You are a student at the University of Trier and are planning a study visit abroad, want to write your thesis abroad or are planning an internship abroad - either outside Europe or within Europe, but ERASMUS funding is not available? You are looking for a financing possibility? Then funding through the PROMOS program might be an option for you!


  • Applications are generally not possible for stays that have already begun (at the application deadline).
  • Foreign students can also apply (Excluded are stays in the respective country of origin. Please note the further information on this).
  • Applicants who apply for an exchange position at the University of Trier can usually also apply for PROMOS funding for the stay when applying for the exchange position.

Language tests for application

Before the application deadline, language tests of the Language Center of the University of Trier will still take place.

Current test dates as well as all further information can be found on the page of the language tests for exchange applicants ERASMUS, DAAD and others


Here you can find experiences of some PROMOS scholarship holders:

Erfahrungen der Studierenden



What types of stays abroad are supported?

Support for study visits

  • Travel allowances and partial scholarship rates
  • Minimum duration: 1 month (= 30 days)
  • Maximum duration of funding: 4 months
  • Target group: students of all courses of study
  • Also possible: Funding of trimesters and participation in summer schools with subject-related content that can be credited in the student's own subject

Please note: Applicants for an exchange place at the University of Trier can apply for PROMOS funding at the same time as applying for the exchange place. Please refer to the application documents of the respective exchange!

Promotion of stays abroad as part of the preparation of the final thesis at companies or universities

  • Travel allowances
  • Minimum duration of stay: 1 month (= 30 days)
  • Maximum duration of funding: 4 months
  • Target group: students of all courses of study
  • Theses that are not carried out at a university or a company can also be funded if the relevant department fully supports the project and the students submit a detailed schedule.

Funding of stays within the framework of internships abroad in non-European countries as well as internships in Europe that are not eligible for Erasmus funding

  • Travel allowance
  • Minimum duration of the internship: 2 months (= 60 days)
  • Maximum duration of funding: 4 months
  • Target group: students of all courses of study
  • Internships can also be funded in the period between the BA degree and the start of the MA program. A pre-admission for the MA or a comparable document must be available.

Frequently asked questions and answers/ FAQs

Who can apply?

The scholarships abroad are awarded on the basis of the DAAD guidelines based on academic qualification and personal suitability.

Applications are open to students enrolled at the University of Trier with the aim of obtaining a degree. Foreign students and doctoral candidates can also apply (stays in the home country are excluded).

When are the application deadlines? Which is the right application deadline for me?

The PROMOS grants are advertised with application deadlines at the beginning of May and the beginning of November.
If you are applying for a study exchange place at Trier University, you can apply at the same time as you apply for the exchange place - please refer to the announcement of the respective exchange program for the necessary documents and application deadlines.

In principle, you can also apply a whole year in advance, provided that the stay has then already been arranged with the host institution.
Please note that only applications that are complete by the application deadline can be considered in the selection process.

Can the PROMOS program also organize an internship or a place to study abroad for me?

Since the program is only a financial support, no internships or study places are arranged. For questions regarding the organization of an internship or study place, please contact the advisors Ms. Morgen (advising on internships abroad), Mr. Proost (advising on studying abroad in Asia and Latin America) or Ms. Freihoff (advising on studying abroad in all other countries).

Can I combine different funding sources?

In principle, PROMOS scholarships can be combined with each other, however, the total funding period within a training period (which ends with the completion of the Bachelor's, Master's, Diplom, Magister, Staatsexamen, etc. degrees) may not exceed six months. Within a new period of study, students can also receive PROMOS funding again at the same German university.

ERASMUS and PROMOS funding cannot be obtained at the same time. In the case of existing ERASMUS cooperation with foreign universities, it is generally not possible to receive funding for semester scholarships in these subject areas within the framework of PROMOS. However, if a cooperation exists only for a certain department (or exclusively for teacher mobility), PROMOS funding is possible for another department (or also for student mobility). Exceptionally, funding is also possible if the ERASMUS quota of a department is exhausted. If students are funded through PROMOS in these exceptional cases, it is necessary to request a new ERASMUS cooperation (or an extension of the existing cooperation agreement or an increase of the exchange quota) with the host university in the following year. The rejection of the new or modified cooperation on the part of the host university must be documented by written correspondence and kept for review. If a further ERASMUS stay is ruled out for students due to previous ERASMUS funding, funding through PROMOS is possible. Internship funding by means of PROMOS grants is not possible in the ERASMUS area (also no funding of less than three months duration). The only exception is for students who are not eligible for further ERASMUS internship funding due to an internship already funded by ERASMUS. In this case, the lower limit of six weeks also applies to internship funding in the ERASMUS area.

DAAD Individual Scholarships and PROMOS
DAAD individual scholarships and PROMOS may not be claimed at the same time.

BAföG benefits and PROMOS
Students must declare PROMOS funding to the Auslandsbafög office. When receiving Auslandsbafög, there is only a credit exemption of 300 EUR (for the monthly partial scholarship rate). The travel allowance will be credited in total to the travel allowance of the Auslandsbafög. The offsetting against the benefits of the Auslandsbafög is always done by the BAföG offices, where the students have to declare all incomes (i.e. also the PROMOS funding).


Can I receive multiple funding through PROMOS?

In principle, PROMOS scholarships can be combined with each other, however, the total funding period within a training period (which ends with the completion of the Bachelor's, Master's, Diplom, Magister, Staatsexamen, etc. degrees) may not exceed six months. Within a new period of study, students can also receive PROMOS funding again at the same university.


What is the selection procedure and what are the selection criteria?

Internal university selection will be based on the written materials submitted. Decisive selection criteria are:

  •     previous academic achievements
  •     quality and meaningfulness of the intended stay abroad in relation to the current study program
  •     expert assessment
  •     existing language skills, which are necessary for the implementation of the stay
  •     preparation of the stay abroad (study/internship plan, in the case of internships, confirmation from the internship employer of the internship position, arrangements for recognition of academic achievement at the University of Trier)
  •     commitment outside of studies (e.g. in political, social, cultural or intercultural areas
Are there selection interviews?

Selection for PROMOS grants is made on the basis of the written materials submitted. There are no selection interviews.

What documents do I need to submit?

Various documents must be submitted for the individual funding opportunities, which you can find in the "Application instructions". You can download the corresponding document here.

Can individual documents from a previous application of mine be picked out by the International Office for the PROMOS application?

No, we ask for your understanding that no documents from previous applications can be picked out for the PROMOS application. An exception are the results of the language tests: If you have already taken a language test at the Language Center a few months ago, please let us know on which date you took the test when you apply.

Can I still submit my documents after the application deadline?

No. Only applications that have been submitted in full by the end of the application period can be included in the selection! Only in the case of the expert reports is it possible to submit this document after the application deadline, provided it was requested in good time before the application deadline.
However, please make sure that you make an effort to obtain the expert opinion, the language tests and, if applicable, the learning agreement in good time. Keep in mind that the reviewers also need time to prepare the reports and plan a corresponding lead time for this.

Who can/should write me an expert opinion?

For the application within the framework of the PROMOS scholarships, the expert opinion should come from professors or staff members with a doctorate and a permanent position in one of the subjects you are studying. In addition to a personal interview, you should also submit your CV and overview of grades to him/her, if possible, so that he/she can get as comprehensive a picture as possible.

How does my expert opinion get to the International Office?

Reviewers are asked to send the reviews directly to the International Office in a sealed envelope, i.e. this does not need to be submitted by the applicants.

Where can I take a language test?

For English, French and Spanish, the Language Center offers group tests at regular intervals (only participation in the written test is required), the dates of which can be found in the announcements on the Language Center website (www.sprachenzentrum.uni-trier.de).

Please note: The results of the language tests at the Language Center are sent collectively to the International Office. You do not have to worry about receiving your results in time for your PROMOS application (but you do have to worry about attending an appointment before the PROMOS application deadline)! However, please be sure to indicate in your application the date on which you took the Language Center test.

As far as language certificates of other languages are concerned, please contact the
language instructors or lecturers of the corresponding foreign language philologies at the University of Trier as early as possible. Use the form provided for this purpose, which can be downloaded here. Language skills of languages that are not taught at the University of Trier can also be proven by appropriate certificates of participation in language courses.

Students of foreign language philologies: No language test is required if the practical language courses of the corresponding language are completed and the results are submitted.

Which language test sections do I have to take for the PROMOS application?

For the PROMOS application, you only need to take the written parts of the test and do not need to take the oral part of the language test.

I am a student of a foreign language philology. Do I have to take a language test for the PROMOS application?

If, as part of your planned stay abroad, you are going to a country where the language of instruction/work is a language that you are also studying at the University of Trier, you do not have to take a separate language test. When submitting the overview, of the courses you have attended, you also indicate which language practical exercises you have taken and your performance there. This is sufficient for the PROMOS application.
However, for applicants who plan to study at an Asian university, it is advisable to also include proof of English language skills with the application.

How long is my language test valid?

To apply for a PROMOS scholarship, you can submit language assessments/certificates that are no more than two years old.

Where do I have to submit my documents?

Either hand in the application documents in person during opening hours at the secretary's office (V20a, opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 09:30-11:30 and Monday + Thursday 13:00-14:00) or you drop the documents in an envelope in our mailbox (green mailboxes in the V-building at the beginning of the corridor of the International Office) or you send them by mail to the following address: University of Trier, International Office, 54286 Trier.

Will I get my documents back later?

Please understand that, for organizational reasons, application documents unfortunately cannot be returned. They will be properly destroyed five years after receipt of the application.

When can I expect a decision?

The decision on the application documents for the call for proposals with a deadline at the beginning of November is expected to be made in mid-December. The decision on the application documents for the call for proposals with a deadline of the beginning of May is expected to be made in mid-June.

Unfortunately, my application was not successful this time. Is it possible to reapply?

Yes, reapplication is possible.