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Asia in general: DAAD scholarships to study Asian languages

The aim of the programme is to give university graduates the opportunity to improve their existing knowledge of Asian languages. Funding is provided for participation in a language course to deepen language skills already acquired during, alongside or after studies at a university or recognised language school in the host country. The scholarship is valid for the duration of one academic year (two semesters or three trimesters) and cannot be extended.

Target group
Applications are open to all well-qualified university graduates with basic knowledge of one of the advertised Asian languages, preferably from technical, scientific, business or administration-related subjects. Graduates in Asian philology and regional studies who are eligible for funding under the general one-year scholarship programme are not eligible to apply.
If you do not have German citizenship, an application is possible under certain conditions: Further information

The scholarship includes the following benefits:

  • A monthly scholarship rate, depending on the host country: Here you can see the monthly DAAD scholarship rate for a specific country/status: Scholarship calculator. In this programme, the rates for students/graduates apply. 
  • Travel allowance depending on the host country
  • Health, accident and personal liability insurance benefits

In addition, further benefits may be granted upon application under certain conditions:

  • Subsidy for tuition fees, if applicable, up to a maximum limit: Further information
  • Family benefits for accompanying spouses or partners and/or children: Further information
  • Subsidy for travel in the host country directly related to the project (please submit an estimate of costs with confirmation from the supervising university teacher with the application)

Further information

Application deadline
The application deadline can be found here.

Please also note the funding opportunities under Funding.

Recognition of study abroad results

As part of the agreements with our partner universities, mutual recognition of academic credits is provided for and encouraged. The recognition process is similar to the European Erasmus programme:

  • You consult with the coordinator for study abroad in your programme about possible courses at the host university and whether/in what scope they can be recognized for your studies here.
  • The departments have their own information on the recognition process on their websites: 
    Fachbereich IFachbereich IIFachbereich III, Fachbereich IVFachbereich V, Fachbereich VI
  • Please use the Non-Erasmus Learning Agreement to make the recognition agreement.
  • Fill out the Learning Agreement (LA) yourself (digitally) after consultation with your coordinator, sign it and have the coordinator sign it (digitally).
  • Then send it by email to the International Office of the host university and ask for signature and return of the LA.
  • If you would like to make any changes to the courses during your study abroad, you must update the LA and have it signed again by the home university and the host university (this way all parties are always up to date).
  • After your return, submit the LA together with the "Transcript of Records" to your home coordinator and ask for recognition of the completed achievements (if necessary with a separate "Application for Recognition" – depending on the subject area).
  • The "Prüfungsausschuss" of your department will then review the application. You will then receive written notification of the recognition.

Learning Agreement

Non-Erasmus Learning Agreement for mobilities outside the Erasmus programme

Template Learning Agreement Non-Erasmus