Second degree

If you have previously completed a degree at the same level to which you have applied, this application is considered as a second degree programme.

Pursuant to Section 70 (3) of the Higher Education Act Rhineland-Palatinate, fees are to be charged for, among other things, secondary studies. According to current state ordinance no. 3.6, on fees in the fields of science, further education and research (special schedule of fees), the fee for a second study, which is completed after earning a first university degree, is 700€ per semester.

For example: if you have been awarded a Masters in Applied Mathmatics and then wish to undertake a Masters in Computer Science, this would be considered a second degree.  However, undertaking a Master’s degree programme following a Bachelor’s degree is not considered a second degree as they are at different substantive levels.

The process for determing degree equivalency, is one that requires an assessment of the initial degree, usually in consulation with the responsible central office of the Kulturministerkonferenz (KMK). As such, during the compressed application phase, we are not always able to directly answer the question regarding an application being considered a „Zweitstudium“ or second degree and whether fees may be applied. The information may only be communicated once a decision has been received from the KMK.

The fee of 700€ per semester of study for a second degree, is in addition to the semester fee.

Further information is available from the Registrar's Office (Stusek).