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Synopsis of the 4th Symposium of the German SIAM Student Chapters

In the end of August 2015, we, the SIAM Student Chapter of the University of Trier, hosted the 4th Symposium of the German SIAM Student Chapters. We welcomed representatives from chapters all over Germany, including Aachen, Berlin, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Magdeburg and the Czech chapter from Prague. Furthermore we invited mathematicians from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM in Kaiserslautern.

The fourth meeting of a series of symposia, started in Trier in 2012, was opened with a welcome reception on August 26th, 2015 at the university and lasted three days. The scientific sessions were filled with interesting talks covering a broad range of topics in computational optimization, discrete optimization and numerical analysis with a variety of applications. For instance, participants of the 4th Symposium learned something about the mathematical modeling of the flight behavior of bats in order to compute the default risk of death of bat populations next to wind turbines or about how to cut gemstones in an optimal way.

Besides the scientific program of this get-together, the event also covered some social activities including a guided city tour and a collective dinner. Coffee breaks and free time in between sessions were used for interesting discussions and scientific exchange. All in all, the 4th SIAM Symposium of the German and Czech Student Chapters was a great success, bringing together young scientists in applied mathematics and extending the network of German chapters.

More information about the symposium can be found on

Participants of the 4th Symposium of the German SIAM Student Chapters

Synopsis of the 1st Symposium of the German SIAM Student Chapters on Mathematical Optimization in Theory & Application

The two German SIAM Student Chapters (Heidelberg and Trier) met at Trier University to hold the joint symposium “Mathematical Optimization in Theory and Application” on September 7, 2012. The talks, which were all given by active chapter members, covered a wide variety of topics such as stochastic differential equations, optimal control problems, combinatorial optimization, rigid body dynamics and high performance computing. Besides the mathematical theory, applications in finance, biology, fluid dynamics or statistics were presented.

After the scientific program and a discussion of future activities, the 30 participants moved on to discover Germany's oldest city. In particular, everybody enjoyed a wine tasting session at the biggest winery in the famous "Mosel" wine region.

Participants of German SIAM Student Chapters
Speaker Martin Felis (University of Heidelberg, IWR)
Speaker Martin Siebenborn (University of Trier)
Wine Tasting at Bischöfliche Weingüter

1st Symposium of the German SIAM Student Chapters on Mathematical Optimization in Theory & Application

When: September 7, 2012  --  10.30 - 17.00
Where: University of Trier

About the Workshop

This workshop is held in cooperation with the Heidelberg Chapter of SIAM, with speakers from all existing German SIAM Student Chapters (currently this number is limited to two). It will cover a wide variety of topics including nonlinear programming, parameter estimation in ODE/SDE models, optimal control, design of optimal experiments, and application examples at an introductory level.
After the workshop, there will be a get-together with wine tasting, and we will have the opportunity to get a peek into Germany’s oldest city.

Confirmed speakers are

  • Martin Felis, Heidelberg
  • Ulf Friedrich, Trier
  • Bastian Groß, Trier
  • Tony Huschto, Heidelberg
  • Duy-Van Nguyen, Trier
  • Andreas Schmidt, Heidelberg
  • Martin Siebenborn, Trier
  • Andreas Sommer, Heidelberg

See the poster below for details.


Just write us a short notice, if you’d like to be part of this exceptional SIAM meeting.
We’re happy to answer your questions and looking forward to seeing you in Trier!

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28.01.2011 – English workshop on scientific writing

Today, most scientific texts are published in English. This especially holds true for mathematical papers.

This workshop presented by Bernd Elzer, University of Trier, mainly deals with typical linguistical problems arising in dissertations or scientific publications in general. Along with, e.g.,  comma placement, case sensitivity in headlines or typical mathematical features in English, many issues will be raised.

5.10.2010 - Workshop NAG C library (for matlab)

The first part of the workshop consists of a brief presentation of the Numerical Algorithms Group followed by an introduction to the contents of the NAG C Library. Examples of routines that will be demonstrated are root finding, integration, interpolation and approximation and random number generators.

The second part of the workshop will be a presentation of the NAG Toolbox for Matlab, with emphasis on the usage of the Toolbox, newly added algorithms, arguments and optional arguments, data types, M-files and the error mechanism.