Enrolment fee | New students

Current enrolment fee

The enrolment fee applies only to the first semester registration for new students.

The enrolment fee consists of the following:

Wintersemester 2023/24 
“Studierendenwerk” fee

109.00 Euro

Student organization fee

16.00 Euro


155.44 Euro

Student ID

22.00 Euro


302.44 Euro

Important information for new students making a transfer from a foreign country:

Please note that in some cases, banks or financial institutions may charge extra transfer fees that are usually deducted from the amount transferred. In order to minimize or bypass these extra fees, please use the IBAN Number and the BIC Code (see below).

In the event that your bank or financial institution deducts a fee from the amount required for your enrolment semester fees, we will require you to transfer the missing amount.

The application will only be processed when the fee has been verifiably transferred to the university’s account and all required documents have been submitted.

Account information

The enrolment semester fee is applicable only to new students.

Recipient:Landeshochschulkasse Mainz

Universität Trier
Universitätsring 15
54296 Trier

IBAN:DE 22 5451 0067 0228 1556 76
Purpose:<Application number> + <Day of Birth>