How do I use PORTA?

PORTA is Trier University’s online portal system, where your personal account accompanies you throughout your studies from the moment you apply and enrol at Trier University. PORTA serves a number of functions during your studies. We highlight the most important and commonly used functions that you will use here.

Instructions: Registering for or deregistering from exams

Please note: There are specific deadlines for registering for and deregistering from exams.

  1. After logging in to PORTA, in the menu under “My studies” select "Exam and course enrolment (Planner of Studies)”. There you will see the degree programme(s) in which you are currently enrolled. In our example, it is for a bachelor degree in German studies as a major and a minor in French Philology.
  2. To register for an exam, click on the title of the degree programme/course.
  3. To see only the exams available for the course, you can hide the list of lectures (we recommend hiding the lecture list).
  4. If you then select "Expand all", you will see all exams that are assigned to a module.
  5. Exams are recognizable in PORTA by a distinct symbol.
  6. Exams in which the registration is open - have a registration button. If an exam is listed but does not have a registration button this mean either that the registration period has not yet started or that the deadline to register has already passed.
  7. The button "Back to overview" will take you back to the study planner, where you can switch to another programme/course and register for exams in this subject.
  8. After registration you will receive a confirmation that you have been admitted to the exam. We strongly recommend that you save or print out the confirmation once you have registered for the exam. Then select "Back to overview”.
  9. You can also select "Deregister" from your exam from the list of all courses as well as from your study planner. You will then be asked again to confirm the deregistration from the exam and will receive confirmation that you are deregistered from the exam.

Questions about exams?  Simply contact the → University Examination Office (Hochschulprüfungsamt)

The video shows you the steps described above

Questions about PORTA?

A number of answers to your questions can be found in the FAQs


For answers to general questions as well as technical support for PORTA please email portauni-trierde