Semester fee

Applicants and students of Trier University

All Trier University students are required to pay a fee each semester. This semester fee is not a Tuition fee, but rather supports other elements of student life. The semester fee contributes to the following:

  • that the TUniKa (the student ID card) can be used by all students in public transport as a bus / train ticket (semester ticket)
  • that the canteen food is subsidized for students and therefore remains cheaper
  • that their Student Representative Office (AStA) has the financial means to represent their interests and provide corresponding support services.

The first semester for new students, the semester fee is considered the enrolment fee (Erst-/Neueinschreibung).  A semester fee (Rückmeldungre-registration) is required for each subsequent semester.

The semester fee is comprised of administration fees and student body fees, and is paid by all Trier University students. The amount of the semester fee differs based on which semester is being paid for or the type of semester fee:

Applicants and students of the Faculty of Theology

If you are enrolled in the Faculty of Theology, your semester fees are paid to the Faculty of Theology.

If you are enrolled at both Trier University and the Faculty of Theology, you pay your semester fee where you are enrolled as a primary student.

  • For the bachelor‘s / master‘s programmes (except teaching), semester fees are paid to Trier University.
  • If you are a student teacher, you only pay your semester fee to the Faculty of Theology if Catholic Religious Studies is your primary major subject.

Faculty of Theology