You would like to study at Trier University?

At Trier University you can choose from a wide offer of courses to complement your studies and beyond with a German perspective according to your expectations.

Departmental coordinators can help you choose the right classes in your field of study.

The orientation programme for international students facilitates your integration into the student life in Trier.

Study on a Green Campus in Germany's oldest City!

Trier University offers a wide variety of subjects with diverse combination possibilities at the Bachelor's level as well as at the Master's level. Doctoral programmes are available in all subjects.

Humanities research in a rich environment

All departments are active in research and benefit from robust international networks. Staff and students from various disciplines come togheter to collaborate on research projects and lend the university its unique profile.

These activities ensure our status as one of Germany's top 20 humanities and social sciences universities in terms of its ability to attract third-party research funding - a testament to Trier's strong combination of basic and apllied research.