Plan and organise your studies

  • Incoming students with no or only little knowledge of German will get help at the International Office.
  • Check out your exam regulations and the module handbook of your study programms to get an ocverview of the contents and requirements needed. Especially during the first one or two semesters, several courses and modules are mandatory. Please read these documents carefully and before the introductory events. Additionally, many departments– particularly in Bachelor’s degree programmes – offer model study plans and/or study schedules.
  • Find all lectures, seminars and tutorials at the online platform PORTA. On this platform, you can register for individual courses and exams.
  • Do you need special language skills for your studies (e.g. Latin)? Or do you want to learn a language at Trier University? Check out language requirements of your study programme and possibilities of language courses and/or Latin courses. (links only German)
  • If you have questions regarding the organisation of your study, your schedule or certain exams please contact the departmental academic counselling or the members of the students’ council.
  • General questions regarding studying, what options are available and advice on counselling specific to questions regarding studying without a high school diploma, studying with children, studying with a chronic illness or disease or disability and other topics is also available in the Student Counselling Centre within the Info Centre. General questions concerning your study organization and planning should be asked at the Student Counselling Centre.