Planning your studies / Organizing your studies for summer semester 2020

Some general information

You create your own study plan/schedule. It may seem complicated at first but don’t worry or get discouraged.  Your plan should be one that works for you.

It is also important to note, that Trier University does not monitor your progress, the department and administration does not oversee which courses or how many courses you take.  It is up to you, to plan your semester accordingly. 

How will the courses be offered in the summer semester 2020?

  • In the summer semester 2020 there will be no on-site courses/lectures on campus. The courses and lectures will be available online, through digital platforms. 
  • You can register for these courses via the online platform PORTA. This portal also provides you with further information, e.g. whether the course will take place and how/in what format. If you are having trouble with PORTA please find contact information here.
  • Do you need special language skills for your studies (e.g. Latin)? Or do you want to learn a language at Trier University? Check out language requirements of your study programme and possibilities of language courses and/or Latin courses. (links only German)
  • If you have questions regarding the organisation of your study, your schedule or certain exams please contact the departmental academic counselling or the members of the students’ council.
  • General questions regarding studying, what options are available and advice on counselling specific to questions regarding studying without a high school diploma, studying with children, studying with a chronic illness or disease or disability and other topics is also available in the Student Counselling Centre within the Info Centre. General questions concerning your study organization and planning should be asked at the Student Counselling Centre.