Environmental Sciences (M.Sc., 1-subject)

CourseEnvironmental Sciences
DegreeMaster of Science
Program type1-subject
Course length4 semester
ECTS (Credits)120
Admission restrictionsnone (WS24/25)none (SS25)
Course startswinter semestersummer semester
Language of instructionEnglish

Module description and examination regulations

The subject examination regulations regulate the purpose, content and procedure of the examinations and are legally binding. If you have specific questions about a particular examination, you should contact your examiner (or academic advisor). Questions regarding the process, organisation and registration for the examination should be directed to the Examination office (HPA).

The module descriptions specify the examination regulations and requirements for the module and provide information on the content of the modules as well as the learning objectives and competencies to be acquired.

Application and admission

Admission to this master's programme requires proof of an appropriate bachelor's degree with a minimum grade according to the subject examination regulations.

Whether a bachelor's degree programme or parts of a bachelor's degree programme qualify for the admission to a specific master's degree programme, is decided by the departmental examination board during the application procedure on the basis of the subject examination regulations.

The following certificates are also required for admission to this master’s degree programme according to the subject examination regulations:

  • English language proficiency

Further information on applying, admission and enrolment can be found on the application page.


An internship is not compulsory in this programme.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to make contact with employers through internships at an early stage and get to know the future working world. The university supports internships in Germany and abroad through information and offers posted on Career Services.

Study abroad

A study abroad is not cumpulsory, but is recommended.

The university supports study abroad and internships abroad through numerous exchange programs. Further information on these programs and contacts:

Departmental Contact


Depending on the focus of your studies, the following lecturers will be responsible for advising you:

Field of specialisation I:
Dr. Reinhard Bierl, bierluni-trierde
Phone: +49 651 201-3075

Field of specialisation II:
Prof. Dr. Günther Heinemann, heinemannuni-trierde
Phone: +49 651 201-4623

Dr. Achim Röderroederuni-trierde
Phone: +49 651 201-4606

Field of specialisation III:
Prof. Dr. Sören Thiele-Bruhn, thieleuni-trierde
Phone: +49 651 201-2241